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Get Real Balance Alkaline Water

Welcome to my post about Get Real Balance Alkaline Water. You can make your own water have a negative ionic charged alkaline water by following a few simple steps.

I keep showing up on our conference calls with Dr. Chappell and as a result I keep learning more about how to stay healthy. Much of the water we drink is not. The reason my well water is not bio-available is it travels through pipes into the kitchen and is stripped of electrons and thereby has a positive charge. The water clumps together like a bunch of grapes and is not easily absorbed by your cells via the aquaporins. How can you get bio-available water?

Real Water Concentrate makes your own water a negative charge. Just add an dropper full to an 8 ounce glass of well or city water and wait for a couple of minutes. Your water now has the negative charge and can easily penetrate the little holes in cell membranes called aquaporins. This process allows the cells to be hydrated and also removes toxins that are in the cells.

Get Real Balance Alkaline WaterOne of the benefits of having a more alkaline balanced body is candida and many other health problems do not like an alkaline state. Disease and illness including cancer thrive in an acidic environment.

Just learned some more health tips on our weekly Get Real Balance call. Real Water Concentrate creates negative ions in your own drinking water. When you add the product to your water, chlorine is removed. The reason it is so important for us to drink alkalized water is that positive charged water (way it comes from your tap or bottle) creates acid tissue and the result is Hypoxialiterally means “a deficiency in oxygen.” Real Water Concentrate creates alkaline water with a negative ionic charge which holds oxygen in your cells which is critical to health.

You can find more information on my website here: Real Water Concentrate

Pure water is merely two molecules of hydrogen gas and one molecule of oxygen gas in liquid form. The ratio of negative to positive ions will determine its acidity or alkalinity. The activity (formerly called concentration) of positive charged hydrogen to the negative charged hydroxide or oxygen bonded hydrogen will determine whether it has a positive or negative ionic charge. This is extremely important which I will discuss in a moment.

Get Real Balance Alkaline WaterWater is a universal solvent. This means it has the ability to detoxify the body at a cellular level. Depending on our activity and environmental temperature, the average adult in the United States loses one half (1/2) gallon of water/fluids per day through perspiration, respiration, urination and defecation. If we don’t replace this amount of water on a daily basis, we slowly dehydrate. The most obvious sign of dehydration is dry, flaky, wrinkled skin. However, a misinterpreted signal of thirst is hunger. Most of us eat when we should be replacing fluids with bio-available water.

Simply, water is so vital; we can only live a few days without it. Matter-of-fact, rapid dehydration causes heart and kidney failure and death. Gradual dehydration leads to a litany of signs, signals and symptoms often mistaken as disease. Proper hydration is so critical; it is the first common denominator in The HONSTEC Syndrome. As you may recall, The HONSTEC Syndrome is seven common denominators anyone of which cause illness. The ‘H’ stands for hydration or lack of it.

In solutions, including water, in which the activity of positive charged hydrogen (H+) equals that of negative charged hydroxide (OH-), the pH value will be 7.0 and are known as neutral. When the activity of hydrogen exceeds hydroxide, the pH value will be lower than 7.0 and is kno or alkalines. Therefore, pH is dependent on ionic activity or the ratio of positive charged hydrogen (+) to negative charged hydroxide (-)

The Get Real Balance Alkaline Water product helped me feel better after drinking three 8 ounce glasses of my own pure water that I make with my distilled water machine. Hope you have found my Get Real Balance Alkaline Water post helpful to improve your health.

We Have Many Videos About the Science Behind Making the Healthiest Water Possible On My Site Below.

Real Balance Alkaline Water

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